Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Students' Lives > Your Right to Own a Gun

"Gun control? We need bullet control! I think every bullet should cost $5000. Because if a bullet cost five thousand dollars, we wouldn't have any innocent bystanders." -Chris Rock

I don't claim to know much about politics, and when I do it's education related. I haven't commented on Sandy Hook, or any of the far too many other school shootings since. Any of which are too many. But I've been thinking about it. And thinking about the right to bear arms, the constitution, and gun regulation. What it boils down to, for me, is that I have to think about what I would do if someone came onto my campus with a gun. I have thought about escape routes, where my kids could hide, if it makes sense to break open my window and have them run, rather than risk a gunman breaking through the opposite window. I have contemplated that I am lucky I have a window that looks out over the sidewalk--that there is another escape besides a window or door back into my campus.

But the thing is, as a teacher, I shouldn't have to think about this. I should be merrily contemplating the best way to engage my students in math, writing, reading, science, art etc. While I have no doubt I would lay down my life for my kids, I don't want to, nor should I have to.

But I have to think about this. Because for some reason a law can be passed quickly because of some idiots to ban Four Loko, and remove the caffeine from this grossish alcoholic beverage, but school shooting upon school shooting can happen, where little kids lose their lives through no fault of their own and nothing, NOTHING, happens. Because people are selfish, and an inflated idea about the constitution and what gun regulation does. I have no problem with people owning guns, learning how to use them safely, and even hunt. For none of that do you need an assault rifle.

Yes, criminals will still get their hands on guns, laws or no. But that is a terrible argument. Criminals get ahold of drugs despite the laws, why don't we legalize all drugs ever?

Yes, but the second amendment! Well, gun regulation still lets you own a gun, chill. But I'm pretty sure my right to LIFE should probably trump your right to own a gun. Just saying. And, just because it's an amendment doesn't mean it's sacred. At one point slavery was written into our laws. Sometimes laws become outdated *cough* gay marriage *cough*, and we should be able to change them. Pretty sure the ability to change laws was also written into our constitution.

Reading this teacher's account of lock down practices reminded me of all of this, and our practicing. Even when it's a drill, my heart is in my throat, panicking that one of my students is in the bathroom, or the door isn't locked even though I'm positive I turned the key.

Last year we had a real lock down. The only information we received was "This is a lock down". A million thoughts went through my mind, along with a jolt of fear. Whoever could be on campus to instigate this? We haven't done a drill--will my students be okay? We were, and it was *just* a mountain lion who'd come down from the hills and was close-ish to our school. I knew it was okay when they told us to resume normal classroom activity--but not to let anyone out until the all clear. (Of course as soon as I said we could talk again but no one could go to the bathroom, 9 hands shot up. "I have to pee!")

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  1. Hey,

    Completely unrelated to this post - I saw you did Dinovmeber with your class last year, are you doing it this year? I'm doing it with my class for the first time and would love another class to share writing/photos with.

    Ruth Vercoe